Taking in History and Natural Beauty in the Bay of Naples

From the moment they landed in Italy for their residential trip to the Bay of Naples, pupils from Years 9-11 set off on an experience filled with cultural discovery.

The trip began with a visit to Herculaneum, whose remarkably preserved architecture, set against the majestic backdrop of Mount Vesuvius, gave the pupils a unique taste of ancient Rome. After unpacking and refreshing at the hotel, they headed down to the village for a delicious evening meal, energizing themselves for the day ahead.

The following morning, the group were greeted with sunny weather as they made their way to Mount Vesuvius for a hike that offered up stunning views of the Bay of Naples. Their adventure continued with a visit to the ancient site of Pompeii, where they walked in the footsteps of its former residents and gained insight into their way of life. 

The next day, it was off to the enchanting Isle of Capri, where crystal blue seas and geological wonders awaited. Despite a bumpy boat ride and a steep climb to Capri Town, the group enjoyed panoramic views and took in the natural beauty. The day ended with some shopping and gelato.

As their trip drew to a close, the pupils paid a visit to the ampitheatre of Pozzuoli, imagining the gladiators awaiting battle under the arena. As they boarded their flight back home, they carried with them not just souvenirs, but a wealth of experiences and memories.