Heritage Infants Collaborate to Produce Winning Stories

Demonstrating teamwork and creativity, our youngest classes recently created their own original tales as part of the ISA Young Storytellers Competition. Each of the Infant classes joined together with their classmates to create a time-travel themed story, with two of the classes emerging victorious in their respective categories.

‘The Wolf and His Time Travelling Adventure’ by Lower Prep: The tale of a curious wolf who discovers a time machine in a castle. Pressing buttons randomly, he finds himself amidst dinosaurs. After a narrow escape, he resets the machine and returns home just in time for tea with the King and Queen.

‘Adventures in the Time Machine’ by Year 2: Herbert and Rosie encounter a time machine in their kitchen, which sends them to ancient Britain. There, they meet Boadicea and join her in a battle against a group of Romans. Anticipating defeat, the trio escape to the present just in time.

Congratulations to Lower Prep and Year 2 for their well-earned triumphs, and well done to all of the children for their brilliant efforts; a reminder of the creative potential that resides within every young mind.

The winning stories can be found on the ISA website.