Junior Camps: Having Fun and Exploring Wildlife

Year 4 Camp

In Year 4, pupils are introduced to school camps with a local one night away. This year, the class spent a beautiful June evening camping out at Abington Woods Campsite. The experience gave them an opportunity to work as a team, pitch a tent, and eat and sleep out of doors. During the day, they enjoyed a variety of activities with their classmates and teachers — including orienteering, firefighting and a scavenger hunt. Later, they sat out around the campfire; the perfect way to end the day, made even more enjoyable with the obligatory roasting of marshmallows. The aim is to have lots of fun and to help prepare the pupils for the outdoor programme in later years; and this year’s experience accomplished exactly that. Thanks to Mrs Bracegirdle, Mr Buchanan, Mrs Eldridge, Mr and Mrs Fletcher, Mr Seth Fletcher, and Mrs Watkins for helping to make the Year 4 camp so memorable. 

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Year 5 and 6 Camp

During the last week of the school term, Years 5 and 6 joined together for a three-night camp in Norfolk. During the days the campers enjoyed some excellent sailing,  geocaching, a coastal hike, a river walk, and a visit to Horsey Beach to see some seals. They also explored the wildlife and habitats of the Norfolk Broads (including pond dipping and an invertebrate survey), and paid a visit to the nature reserve and St Benet’s Abbey. In the evenings, there was plenty of free time for the nightly wide  games, eating al fresco meals prepared by Mrs Bruins, and just spending time outside together. The camp was possible as always thanks to the tireless efforts of our staff and volunteers: Mr Bayley, Mrs Bracegirdle, Mrs Bruins, Mr Buchanan,  Mrs Eldridge, Mr Fletcher, Mrs Parkinson, Mr Pitcher, and Miss Rogers. More photos will be posted on our website photo galleries during the summer holidays. 

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