Lower Prep Assembly: Lots of Learning

On Monday, our lovely Lower Prep pupils put on an outstanding class assembly, showing off the many things that they have been learning recently in their lessons. They started with a song that told the story of the Wise Man and the Foolish Man, one of the parables of Jesus that they have been reading about in their Bible lessons.

The pupils have been learning a lot in History lessons; they first showed the timeline of the different groups they have been discussing, including Early Man, the early Farmers, the Romans and the Vikings. They also showed off the Viking narrowboats and shields that they designed and made themselves.

The children demonstrated some of the ways that we learn about different historical periods, pretending to be archaeologists and historians looking for clues about the past. One interesting archaeological discovery that the class studied were strange stones with markings on them, called runes. The children carefully studied the markings and had a go at creating their own runes using clay tools. 

Finally, the children showed off the posters they made during their PSHE lessons, which showed ways to be kind, including sharing with others, being encouraging, giving a hug to others when they are sad, and playing with everyone.