World Book Day 2023

Last week at Heritage, we held our annual celebration of World Book Day, with a chance for pupils and staff to dress up as their favourite book characters and to experience activities with a book focus throughout the day. 

The day started with a special book-oriented assembly for all of our pupils. Infants and Juniors had an opportunity to show off their costumes, after which the pupils together acted out the story ‘We’re Going on a Nature Walk’. The assembly ended with an appearance by Miss Cage, cleverly disguised as Gerald the Giraffe from Giraffes Can’t Dance. Gerald had left muddy footprints all over the school, and the children were asked to look for the letters in each of the footprints throughout the day, in order to uncover the secret phrase (Nature Walk!).

In the Senior Assembly, the following pupils gave some outstanding book reviews: 

Annabelle and Kitty (Y7):  One Dog and His Boy by Eva Ibottsen, 

Daniel (Y9): The Churchill Factor by Boris Johnson

Josh (Y9): Nightshade by Anthony Horowitz

Toni (Y9):  Collection of poems by Russian Futurist poet Vladimir Mayakovsky

Georgia  and Sheila (Y11): Mythos by Stephen Fry

There was much more fun to be had throughout the day. Lower Prep pupils shared their favourite books with their Year 6 buddies and acted out the story of The Rainbow Fish. Upper Prep enjoyed a Dr Seuss-themed day where they looked at rhyme and imagined weird and wonderful creatures like a wocket in their pocket. Year 2 spent a day in Narnia, writing their own descriptions of magical lands, penning letters persuading the White Witch to allow Narnians to celebrate Christmas (while munching on–what else–Turkish Delight). Years 3 and 4 illustrated their own books in Art class, and Year 4 designed bookmarks to showcase their favourite books. Year 4 through 6 pupils tested their knowledge with some book-themed quizzes and maths challenges as well. 

With another successful World Book Day under our belts, we are already looking forward to the next one!