Much Ado!

As the strains of Widor’s Toccata thundered through Panton Hall, Year 8 embarked on the performance of their lives. Taking on Shakespeare’s classic comedy, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ was a demanding challenge, with some characters having to learn pages of 400-year-old English wit.

Who can forget the horror of the wedding scene, where Claudio (Ben K) callously cast aside his would-be bride, Hero (Livia L-H) in utter humiliation, or the witty banter between Benedick (Edmund R) and Beatrice (Emma L).  The Watch, led by the inimitable Dogberry (Lissy S) and Verges (Taylor T) had everyone in stitches with their nonsensical speeches and horse-play.

Many thanks to the audience, who understood the jokes and laughed in all the right places. Every single member of the class excelled themselves, each playing their part with aplomb, and contributing to an enjoyable evening’s entertainment.