Music is flourishing at Heritage

There are masses of new musical initiatives unfolding at Heritage. A set of classroom keyboards have arrived and Year 5-11 are enjoying using them to develop their composition and performance skills.
A set of 20 djembes (African drums) have also been purchased for whole-class drumming. They will mostly be used after Christmas by Year 7 and 8, although Juniors have also enjoyed using them on Enrichment afternoons. Pupils will develop their sense of polyrhythm as they play complex rhythmic patterns together.
20 ukuleles have also arrived for whole-class ukulele performances and Year 7-8 are already learning simple chord sequences and songs. Year 5-6 will start learning the ukuleles after Christmas.
Whole class singing is taking place in every year group, and Year 5-8 are each practising songs that will be recorded onto a ‘class album’ which will then be made into a CD at the end of the year. They are making a wonderful sound!
Whole class singing is new in Years 9, 10 and 11 and the response from pupils has been excellent. Each class has been working with enthusiasm to develop their choral skills, whilst retaining an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. They performed at the 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service on the 18th November, and will be doing so again, later this term at the Christmas Concert.