Y7 Performs ‘Peer Gynt’

Y7 delivered a great rendition of Ibsen’s ‘Peer Gynt’ to parents yesterday. Peer and his mother Åse are left to live in poverty. Peer wants to restore what his father had wrecked, but gets lost in boasting and day-dreams. This tale of self discovery and forgiveness is not an easy script to interpret but pupils did a commendable job and this is what they thought of the play!

‘I am playing Ase, Peer Gynt’s mother, in the play. I think, even though not many people have heard of her, Ase has a very meaty part! She gets to shout at her son, Peer, and then immediately she has to sob and cry about how terrible her life is, how Peer is so weak, how he lies too much; how, later on in the play, she has nothing left and how Peer is an outlaw. I think this play combines comedy and tragedy very well.’ (Isabel C)

‘I think the play has a great story and it’s quite fun because there are lots of characters. It also has great humour. Peer Gynt keeps doing crazy things.’ (Hallam B)

‘The whole story in general is probably what I would have as a dream. Maybe Henrik Ibsen based his play on a dream he had, because it is strange and abnormal, like a fairytale, full of ridiculous characters, like the Button-Moulder who intends to melt Peer Gynt’s soul, and other bizarre characters such as the Boyg, trolls, broken-straws, sighs and tears!’ (Alix H)

‘I think the main moral of the story is to always be true to yourself and always be yourself. I like our rehearsals because drama is fun and it is fun doing a play.’ (Maiya D)

Many thanks to Mr Stokes for all his hard work.