Now providing full days for our youngest classes

To simplify logistics for parents, Heritage is pleased to offer the (optional) provision of five full days a week for both Lower Prep and Upper Prep pupils from September 2020.

Heritage has intentionally designed a gentle start for our youngest pupils, with two full days and three half days for Lower Prep (and one half day for Upper Prep). We still believe that this brings a helpful balance to a child’s week, with focussed, high quality learning taking place at school and time to rest and play at home. However to simplify logistics for parents for whom the half-days are unworkable, we are now offering Stay & Play on each of the half days; Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1pm-3:30pm. This is also applicable to Upper Prep pupils on Wednesdays.

Stay & Play will be lead by Miss Cage and her team. Miss Cage is an exceptional member of staff, she was recently nominated Student of the Year on completion of her Foundation Degree in Education and Play. Her Stay & Play sessions are full of delights and include gardening and cooking, crafts and stories, free play and trips to the playground, the City Library and Cambridge Botanic Gardens. The children in her care all love it.

These sessions are entirely extra curricular. They do not contain any extra teaching and are intentionally low-key. Children who do not attend will not be missing out.
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