School Open for Lower Prep, Upper Prep & Year 6

We were so pleased to welcome 37 more pupils back to school today in addition to our Key Worker Children. We now have 9 pupils in Lower Prep with Mrs Lee and Miss Cage, 10 pupils in Upper Prep with Mrs Carter and Miss Carter and 18 pupils in Year 6 with Mrs Parkinson.

Pupils are being looked after in  ‘bubbles’, (with Key Worker Children in their own bubble, working from the Year 2 and Year 4 classroom’s.) With a staggered start time at the beginning of the day, the bubbles are well spaced out as they move through the building, in the classrooms and the playground. Year 6 are divided into two bubbles, (the girls and the boys) and are working from The Hall. Each bubble has their own allocated play equipment which is disinfected after use.

Mr Fletcher says’

“We are pleased there has been such a strong response from parents of pupils in LP, UP and Y6. It is great to have more pupils back on site and to see so many happy and familiar faces! We are confident in the safety measures we have in place.”