Silver DofE Expedition Completed

Before leaving Heritage, Y11 set off for their Silver D ofE expedition in Shropshire and the weather looked perfect for walking.  There was absolutely no forecast of any rain.  In fact, they actually suffered from rather too much sun which was quite a trial during the three days with their heavy rucksacks.  Not deterred, the groups carried on in remarkable spirits, some even finding that local farmers were more than happy for them to knock on the door to refill their water bottles.  (A wise move, rather than becoming dehydrated.)  Each of the three groups followed their pre-planned routes through the beautiful and hilly countryside of Shropshire, navigating their way successfully to their campsite for the next night’s rest.  The gorgeous sunny evenings were just right for camping and there were many reports of some excellent nights’ sleep.  Everyone finished in high spirits and some groups were even able to run from Wales to England and back again at the end of their expedition!  Well done to all who took part.

Pupils were then required to make a short presentation about their expedition during Senior Assembly, to complete and sign off their qualifying expedition.