A Capstone Course for Year 11 Leavers

Year 11 finished their time at Heritage with a Capstone Course designed to provide the Leavers with an opportunity to build on their Heritage education and send them off motivated to live thoughtful and purposeful lives.

During the four-morning course at Emmanuel College taught by Dr. Greg Jesson, a University Philosophy Professor, the pupils considered the dominant philosophies of contemporary society, and explored how these ‘world views’ shape modern thought, culture and public policy. The Year 11s, (who last week were completing their 50-kilometre Silver Duke of Edinburgh walking and camping expedition in Shropshire,) were encouraged to examine various philosophical ‘maps’ and to test their suitability for navigating everyday life.

“The vision of Heritage is to develop students motivated to live well, confident in themselves, skilfully and creatively engaged with ideas, with others, and with the world around them,” said Headmaster Jason Fletcher. “We hope they will be willing to live in the service of others.” This final course at Heritage is in support of that vision.