Troy: Myth and Reality

Year 7 and Year 8 pupils spent a wonderful day at the British Museum exploring their major Autumn exhibition: Troy, Myth and Reality. The galleries are full of stunning art, artefacts and sculpture which tell the story and reflect changing responses to the great Trojan War through the ages.  Having examined The Origins of the War pupils were amazed by the replica of the wooden horse that led to The Capture of Troy . The reconstruction of Heinrich Schliemann’s trench then beckoned the group on to  The Excavation of Troy  before the final gallery containing many pieces of modern art sparked a lively discussion about what really constitutes art at all!

Year 7 then went on to look at the Parthenon sculptures while Year 8 looked at the ‘Top Ten items to see at the Museum’ and voted on the Aztec Double Headed Serpent as their favourite.