Winners announced for Geography Facts Competition

As part of our International Day celebration held on the final day of the last half-term, Mr Fletcher hosted a Geography Facts Competition on Zoom for Juniors and Seniors. Nearly 30 pupils participated in the competition, which focused on flags of the world and European capital cities. The pupils were first shown images of 30 flags and had to name the country for each one. They were then asked to correctly identify 20 European capital cities on a map. The questions were free answer (not multiple choice), and participants had a limited amount of time to answer each question. 

Last week, the winners were announced, as follows: 

  • Two equal first prizes (a £20 book token) went to Luke Beaton (Y7) and Livia Lucato-Hadeler (Y9), both of whom achieved a perfect score of 50. 
  • Third prize (a £15 book token) went to Yauno Barthoma (Y6) with a score of 47.
  • Runner-up prize (a £10 book token) was given to Aaron Gutmanas (Y5) who correctly answered 46 questions. 
  • Narsay Barthoma (Y2) received a special honourable mention (and a £5 book token) for achieving an impressive score of 41 despite being one of the youngest pupils to participate.  

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