Year 7 and 8 Research Presentations

During the first half of the Spring term, Year 7 and 8 pupils were asked to conduct a research project on any topic of interest. They worked on this project as part of their Learning at Home timetable, in place of regular Drama and Computing lessons. The pupils then delivered their Powerpoint presentations over Zoom to their classmates and teachers during the final two weeks of the half-term.

The aim of the task was threefold: to work on creating a good Powerpoint presentation, to promote independent study in an area of personal interest and to work on public speaking skills.  After each presentation, the other pupils had an opportunity to ask questions about the information they’d just heard, requiring each presenter to demonstrate their depth of knowledge and thought on the subject.

The topics reflected a wide range of interests and passions among the pupils, and the presentations demonstrated the considerable amount of work and time that they had invested into researching, documenting and explaining their subject matter. Some of the subjects that Year 7 pupils chose for their research projects included the history of cars, medicine, Singapore, trains and Elizabeth I. Topics from Year 8 included art and architecture, legendary guitarists, indoor climbing, fishing and tennis.

Year 8 Presentation Topics