Year 11 Pupils Stand Out in British Physics Olympiad Challenge

In an impressive display of scientific acumen and determination, nine of our Year 11 physics pupils participated in this year’s British Physics Olympiad challenge, displaying their mastery of the subject. The results were nothing short of outstanding, with the group securing two Gold awards, one Silver award, five Bronze awards, and one commendation.

Such collective achievement is truly commendable, especially considering the rarity of Gold and Silver awards, even among top sets in larger and more selective schools. Special congratulations are in order for Isabella and Silas (who each earned a Gold award), and Scyld (who received a Silver award) for their exceptional performances.

The challenge, known for its notoriously difficult paper, emphasizes problem-solving over mere knowledge, ensuring fairness for students from diverse educational backgrounds. Most pupils cited the rapid calculations under extreme time pressure as the toughest aspect of the challenge.

Curious minds can put their own skills to the test by attempting the paper for themselves, armed with a calculator and one hour to spare.