Heritage Year 3 children talked about what they have been learning

Year 3 Share Stories from Different Times and Places

Yesterday morning, Year 3 pupils opened up their ‘library’ of knowledge to their fellow Infants and Juniors, sharing some of the most interesting ideas they have been encountering in their lessons. From their studies of the ancient Babylonians and Assyrians, whose histories were written in cuneiform on clay tablets, they learned that even the most powerful empires don’t last. They described how a recent visit to the Museum of Classical Archaeology brought to life the Greek mythology they have been exploring, including the myth of how the world was formed, and the story of Odysseus and the Cyclopes. After reading a book about George Mueller, who stole and cheated other people in his youth but went on to become the founder of orphanages, Year 3 contemplated the power of a changed will. Finally, the pupils talked about their recent reading of The Secret Garden, which portrayed the life transformation that can happen when spending time with others and out in nature. Well done to the class for demonstrating how stories about the lives of different people across thousands of years can teach us lessons that are still relevant for today.