A Senior School Journey Across Cultures

The Senior School’s International Day assembly showcased a fascinating world tour, as twelve pupils presented highlights on a country of their choice. Year 10 pupils kicked it off, starting with Liberty and Eva who steered pupils to the USA as they explored Texas’s cultural richness. Daniel then took us through Israel’s historical journey, while Angus unveiled Qatar’s economic rise. Year 8 pupils were up next as Sienna, a Dubai native, guided pupils through a tour of the city’s man-made and natural wonders, while Isabel and Honor delved into India’s vibrant culture and Harry explored Singapore’s emphasis on nature.  Wrapping up the presentations were Year 8’s David, along with Year 7 pupils Max, Raphael, and George, who collectively explored South Korea’s language, culture, military history and transformation to a technological hub. Kudos to the presenters for their hard work and for stepping boldly into the spotlight. The morning also included a global snack-sharing session during break time—joining cultures and broadening horizons!