Infants and Juniors Embark on a Turkish Adventure

Earlier this week, our Infants and Juniors embarked on a captivating journey into the vibrant country of Turkey, officially known as Türkiye. Bedecked in red and white, mirroring the colors of the Turkish flag, our young explorers plunged into a day of cultural immersion.

Throughout the day, students participated in a range of activities, including making and enjoying delicious Turkish flatbread and houmous, designing the Turkish flag using various materials, constructing models of the Canakkale suspension bridge, designing intricate Turkish tiles, and creating vibrant red and blue Turkish tulips. 

As the day concluded, a special assembly provided the pupils with the opportunity to showcase their newfound knowledge and creations. A heartfelt thank you goes to Heritage parents Mr and Mrs Cetin and Mr Tezel, whose engaging presentations, firsthand narratives, and generous gifts added an authentic touch, vividly bringing to life the rich cultural tapestry, traditions, and unique aspects of Turkey.