Heritage Alumnus Excels in Degree Apprenticeship

Benjy Duckworth, a 2020 Heritage Leaver, is enjoying a unique post-sixth form experience through a degree apprenticeship in project management. During a special Senior School assembly, he sat down with Mr. Fletcher to share his journey.

Following Year 11, Benjy enrolled at Hills Road Sixth Form, majoring in Biology, History, and Sociology. However, when faced with the decision of his next educational step, he reevaluated the conventional university path, opting instead for a degree apprenticeship. Securing an apprenticeship with Gleeds, a construction consultancy, he embraced the opportunity to work and pursue a degree simultaneously, dedicating 20% of his time to academic qualifications.

Benjy highlighted the advantages of a degree apprenticeship, emphasizing the blend of earning and learning, along with gaining diverse experiences. In his role as a project manager at Gleeds, he acts as the bridge between clients and construction teams, and stressed the benefits of combining theoretical coursework with real-world experiences. Regardless of the educational path, Benjy recommends that all students seek work experience and consider placement years.

His narrative underscores the value of practical learning, the significance of soft skills, and the understanding that mistakes contribute to the learning process. When discussing future plans, he envisions completing his degree, gaining more experience, and exploring opportunities abroad.

Benjy’s experience stands as an inspiring example for current and future Heritage pupils, showcasing the success achievable through non-traditional educational routes and encouraging the exploration of diverse career paths.