Heritage’s First French Exchange Programme

During February half-term  a group of 12 Year 9 and 10 pupils set out for Dax ( a medium-sized spa town near the Spanish border) accompanied by Mme Haddow and Mme Smith. This is the first time that Heritage has run a language exchange, but pupils and staff alike were charmed by the warmth and hospitality of their host families.

Careful groundwork had been laid and pupils had had the opportunity to email and even skype their prospective exchange partners. As a result, they felt that they knew them fairly well before they left England. Nonetheless, courage was required as we emerged into the arrivals hall of Bordeaux airport!

The weather was beautiful throughout our stay and the French families made a huge effort for our pupils, who amongst other things, visited Spain, went skiing and spent time at the beach, for the area offered an abundant supply of all three. Strong friendships were developed and all pupils would say that their language skills had come on by leaps and bounds.

We are looking forward to the return visit at the end of May.


A poignant Mole, a stern Badger and an irrepressible Toad ….

Year 5 began their wonderful performance of ‘The Wind in the Willows’ with some beautiful singing of Tales of a Riverbank. The scene opened with a delightful Mole, energetically spring cleaning his home until he dug his way up to the river bank to meet Ratty, Badger and Toad.  Soon the affable friends were messing about in boats.

It was striking how well all the children knew their lines, and how confidently they acted their parts, while the narrators did a terrific job of telling the story. When reckless Toad stole a red motor car, the whole cast were all-aboard in the brilliantly performed song Poop, Poop, demonstrating fantastic teamwork and obvious merriment.

A frightened Mole longing for home was poignantly portrayed. Badger and Toad’s solos were beautifully sung but Badger’s sternness was to no avail. The irrepressible Toad escaped gaol, artfully sneaking out in a black lacy bonnet, dressed as a washerwoman. The final act saw a splendid Toad, conspiring with Badger, Mole and Rat to take back Toad Hall from the Weasels. There followed a slow motion battle of monstrous animals in which the terrified weasels escaped, leaving Toad and his friends with one final celebration in Toad’s Great Day.

Congratulations to Year 5 for a wonderful performance. The artwork on the programme and posters was wonderful. Thank you Mrs Laube for the really wonderful music, to Mr Stokes for the staging, and of course to Miss Orange for all her hard work in putting together such a well rehearsed and thoroughly enjoyable play.

World Book Day enjoyed by all …

World Book Day – a highlight in the Heritage calendar was enjoyed once again this year, with all of the Infant and Junior school in costume and many of the Seniors joining in too. Much of the day was focussed on celebrating books, with special visits for some classes from author; Sylvia Carr, and illustrator; Adam Larkum – both Heritage parents.

Adam brought in pencil drawings and final inked artwork to show Y3 & Y4 the process of illustration. They all had great fun drawing a horse and rider and a motorbike together. He explained to Y6 & Y7 pupils how a publisher works with an illustrator to develop a piece of artwork for a book or newspaper. Adam said ‘It was great to stand in front of such a fun audience talk to them about something I enjoy doing so much.’

Sylvia led a creative writing session for Y3 & Y4 reviewing the elements of fiction before discussing and practising different points of view.
With Y6 & Y7 she discussed some of the different types of professional writing; news writing, essay writing, advertising / copywriting, fiction writing, before commissioning pupils to try them out in groups.


A Dramatic Retelling of ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Y7 enjoyed presenting one of Shakespeare’s most well-known plays ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to a packed audience on Wednesday night and to Year 8 on the following Friday afternoon. The feuding Capulets and Montagues; a memorable balcony scene and the young lover’s eventual death will be remembered by all for a long time to come!

Under Mr Stokes inspirational directorship, Y7 brought to life the text they had studied in English Literature in the Autumn Term. Pupils displayed great talent, commitment and enthusiasm as they learnt their lines and prepared for their performances. Many congratulations to all involved.


International Day

Heritage launched it’s first International Day this week, celebrating cultural diversity. Each class in the Infant and Junior school came dressed in the colours of the flag of the country they had been studying in Geography. They spent the day exploring these countries further, learning more about their culture and customs and enjoying national delicacies. Senior Assembly looked at what it means to be be part of a global community.

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